How to Wire Bose Speakers

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How to Wire Bose Speakers

For premium sound in any setting, Bose speakers are among the brands that music and surround sound enthusiasts choose. Whether the consumer is searching for a set of speakers to enhance their movie watching experience or listen to their favourite music with their MP3 player, the selection of Bose speakers and wiring options offers high-quality, crisp, and clear sound. Researching and learning about speaker wiring setup allows the consumer to quickly install and begin enjoying their speakers without any hassle. Speaker wire and wiring kits for the Bose system are available through online retailers as well as through reliable sellers on eBay.


Wiring Speakers in the Home

Around the home Bose speakers are easy to wire to an existing stereo receiver. Each model of speaker comes with its own unique audio connection that utilises either a digital optical audio output, digital coaxial input, and/or an analogue R-L audio output. Depending on how far away the speakers sit away from the receiver, consumers need at least 25 to 100 m of speaker wire to run either through the wall or strategically around the room.

Bare speaker wire without any terminal ends comes in several different gauges, ranging from 12 to 24 AWG. This wire requires the use of a wire crimper to create an exposed wire end that wraps around the audio in the back of devices. Consumers may also choose speaker cables with pre-fabricated terminal ends that just plug in to the back of the receiver.


Wiring and Connecting to a Computer

Bose also offers powered speakers that are connectable to computer systems with a USB cord. On a PC or Mac computer, plug the USB cord into an available slot and open the settings menu to find the sound setting. PC computers may require the installation of a driver, which is easily downloadable from the Internet. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the back of the speakers and plug the speakers into an outlet for power. In the sound settings menu of the computer, locate the Bose speaker name and select it. Play a test sound to determine if the computer recognises the USB connection.


Connecting to a Tablet or Smartphone

Connecting a pair of Bose speakers that have a built-in Bluetooth wireless option to a tablet or smartphone requires pairing of the device to the speakers or using an application on the device. Consumers may also choose to connect a non-wireless Bose speaker by purchasing a wireless adapter. To connect via Bluetooth, turn on the speaker and open the setting menu of the device to search for the speaker. Once the name of the speaker, such as Bose Soundlink shows up, select it and allow the device to pair. A range of 9.1 m from the device to the speaker is optimal to keep the sound clear and crisp.

Bose speakers such as the Bose SoundTouch system are controllable from both Android and iOS devices with the installation of an app. After installing the app, consumers must open the app to allow it to search and locate the speaker system. Bose speakers with the app control option allow consumers to play music from streaming Internet radio providers or their own personal collection. 


How to Buy Speaker Wire, Cables, and Bose Accessories on eBay

Choose eBay as your one-stop shopping resource for speaker cables, wire, and Bose connection accessories for any model speaker. Begin your search by typing 'Bose' or 'speaker wire kit' into the search bar on any page. Narrow the listings by price, condition, seller location, or shipping method. Both new and used speaker accessories and wire are available. If you select a used cable or wire, ask the seller questions about the exact condition of the wire, since a damaged or crimped wire affects the sound output and causes a popping or static sound. Add a Bose speaker system to your home or office and find out why many other consumers speak highly of the brand.

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