How to achieve smooth skin....all over!

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If your anything like me your prone to dry skin in winter, ingrown hairs from shaving, blackheads, occasional breakouts, blocked pores, n have tried alot of different products n spent probably hundreds of dollars on useless products that dont do what you wanted or claimed to do for your skin.

Here is the breakdown for smooth, clean, soft n clear skin.

Made super sonically easy n affordable!

1) BUY A MICRODERMABRASION CLOTH. These are by far the best product for exfoliation n to clean your face n body. They are affordable n are available readily on ebay.....

I have tried 2 of these cloths n love both of them! One is a product originating from Turkey....when used it 'peels' the dry gross dead skin off your body....Sounds strange??? LOL it is a truely amazing product! The dead skin cells are literally rubbed off your body in little balls.....gross factor? 100 out of 10. If you think your skin was clean n exfoliated before using this you r in for a huge shock.....

I tested it. I was using the body shop exfoliating gloves (which retail for up to $12 a pair) with a moisturising bodywash (retailing at again up to $12) i used that method (which i had been doing religiously for years).

THEN I used the cloth......all you do is wet the cloth with warm water make sure your body is also wet n start rubbing.....legs, arms, neck, stomache everywhere.....and oh my Gawd....there was grossness all around me. All my scrubbing with the gloves n bodywash didnt do squat.....this cloth was AMAZING! After you get over the intial shock of dirty dead skin cells all over your bath n body....hahahahah.....Sorry....but Im very honest n very hard to please when it comes to beauty n the way it works.

I rinsed myself.....dried myself.....then felt my arms. My legs. My back.....WELL skin was soooooo soft n smooth. I was instantly in love....with the effect that little cloth had on my skin. OMG....IT WORKED!

I now use this particular cloth before I shave n for a once a week deep exfoliation/cleansing. OH and It makes for a closer shave!!!

So I thought "RIGHT" area of face.

Yep....I HAVE TRIED IT ALL....clearasil, proactive, everything....been to dematologists been on drugs the works....all that since I was 13. I have to let you know that by 15 -18 my skin was so bad.....but it eased with age. But I still had breakouts n blocked pores....I have very fair skin so redness n the blocked pores were a huge issue for me.


I used proactive in 2005 to the beginning of 2007. I found it drying for the first few weeks but it did work-  BUT didnt get rid of my blocked pores or prevent the big hormonal breakouts around 'that time of the month'....but I do recommend it! Its a great product but didnt do specifically what I wanted it to.

SOOOOOO I investigated further into the microdermabrasion thing. I found a great store on ebay n bought 2. One for myself n one for my mum who also had blocked pores n occasional breakouts (at 50!) These ones are designed mainly for the face but can be used for the body.

After years of frustration (n many years of lacking confidence n wearing makeup to cover my little problems!) It finally clicked that I wasn't getting rid of the dead skin cells enough for the new skin to regenerate. Thats why I was still getting breakouts! All the years or cleansing...double cleansing, scrubs, toners, masks, steaming, moisturisers etc. N the simple fact was that my skin wasn't able to do its job properly coz it was too busy trying to get rid of all the dead cells and heal itself. 

SOOOOO......the cloth recommends using it once a week for starters.

WELL......I use mine every night! n sometimes in the morning if my skin is yuk (or even during the day if my face is feeling congested - just the cloth n water)....At night I use my cleanser first (clinique) then i use my all natural facial scrub (for extra deep cleansing) Then use the cloth very gently very quickly to buff off the day's grime....n you know what? The cloth still gets dirty. Even after I twice cleansed my face.

I dont muck around with my face. I dont muck around anymore with cheap or expensive products. I will not compromise my skin on my face. I have tried for too long to make it nice! Please note this regime is for deep cleasing after wearing makeup or if your skin is very tired n dull looking..... skin is clear. Smooth. Beautiful. For the first time in 15 years. I am so amazed. I don't use a mask or toner anymore. I use a very simple cleanser n moisturiser. Both clinique products. And my skin is just beautiful. I don't freak out when my boyfriend touches my face now....You know how it think "DONT TOUCH MY FACE ITS HORRIBLE".

But my pores are smaller n less visable. My skin texture is like satin. My redness is minimal to NONE. My breakouts aren't there. And I am wearing less makeup (and it sits better n looks more natural). My ingrown hairs from shaving dont bother me. My fake tan (like I said Im fair skinned! LOL) lasts longer n isnt streaky. ( I use the dove moisturiser with a hint of tanning for a gradual tan - FANTASTIC). I use less moisturiser n it sinks in quicker n does its job better! I also get a closer shave!


I highly HIGHLY recommend this cloth to everyone...male, female young n old....its BRILLIANT!


I hope you made it to the bottom of the page.....LOL I have so much information on skin n body products from years of experience, testing, creating etc......


So....If your like me with these issues please try a cloth!

They truely are worth their weight in gold! BUT DO NOT SPEND OVER $15 FOR IT....(not including postage) can purchase them for about $11 bucks.......



ENJOY YOUR NEW FRESH SMOOTH FANTASTIC SKIN that by the way your partner will LOVE to boyfriend always comments on how beautiful my skin is....its a huge compliment for me after all my years of struggle!


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