How to apply Mineral Makeup

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Escentially Mystic Mineral Makeup Application Tips
Remember – Less is More
Mineral Foundation:
One of the biggest differences in terms of application is that you need much less mineral makeup to get the same coverage results as regular makeup.  Mineral foundations are easy to apply. 
Using a kabuki brush (or any broad-based brush), lightly dip it into the powders. Swirl your brush in the lid and gently tap off any excess powder on the edge of your lid.  Buff the foundation into your skin in a circular motion starting at the outer edge of your face.  Continue applying LIGHT layers until you get the desired effect.  **Apply in steps – meaning it is better and easier to apply another or several applications to get the desired effect than it is to remove and start over.  Rest assured that no matter how many applications you put on, you will feel like you are not wearing any make-up at all – but will look great.   If you still have a few spots that need covering, just take a small brush or a concealer brush, dip into powders, and apply to necessary areas. You can wear mineral foundation alone or with finishing powder.  Once you feel the coverage is what you want, buff your face with your kabuki or broad-based brush to get off any excess mineral powder.
You may make your own special blend of colors by combining several foundation colors to exactly match your skin tones. Experimenting is half the fun using this type of makeup. If you find your skin tone is somewhere between the three shades or two of the shades – try using the 10 gram jar (or small lid) for mixing a little bit of each or of two colors and then try that.  When I say a little – it means like 1/16 teaspoon or less.  If you still have a problem getting the right shade for yourself after experimenting with these colors – let us know what the issue is, like too dark, too light, etc.  We will be glad to help you to get the color that is perfect for you.   Mineral foundations are very forgiving and each color really works for several skin tones.  Also, most of us have different skin coloration in the winter compared to summer months – so, one color may need to be adjusted for you as the year goes on.  Additional bonus – you can use any of the colors for eyes, contour, highlight, blush, etc.

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