How to apply Vinyl stickers/Decals to your Macbook

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Do you hope your MacBook more distinctive or to put on a chic protection coat to your Macbook?
Do you want to have a creative product which can block the scratches on the Macbook?
Now the creative sticker product to meet your needs!
Our decal sticker use imported materials, peeled off without leaving any traces.
Exquisite designs to reach photo-level accuracy.
Unique material can reach waterproof, anti-oil, wear protective effect

Now Our store offers almost 300 decal sticker designs for your macbook. We  have classified them into five categories: Alternative, Animal, Cartoon, Creative, Cute
Please take a closer look on it, u may find some suitable for your laptop.

Many buyers may also feel quite difficult to apply such charming decal sticker to their macbook Laptop.

We are here to give you help on how to apply Vinyl Stickers/Decals to your Macbook. What you need to do is to follow below nine steps.

Step1, Prepare your Macbook and decal. Wrap down the application surface with a damp cloth.
Step2, Peel off the frame of the product.
Step3, Using a credit card scrape down your sticker. Do this with it right way up. This attaches the sticker to the transfer tape.
The more your scrape the better. Make sure to pay extra attention to any smaller bits., 
Step4, Press the transfer film firmly.
Step5, Light the logo, adjust the sticker to the best position on your macbook.
Step6, Apply the decal and scrape over with a credit card using a firm amount of force. This will remove any air bubbles and make the deal sticker to the surface.
Step7, Use credit card scrape down the decal from the middle outwards. This removes the air bubbles and allows the decal to stick. The more you scrape the better.
Step8, Starting at a corner. Pull back the transfer tape. Do the SLOWLY and on a sharp angle. If any pieces of decal stick to transfer paper, reapply that piece of transfer paper and peel back from another angle.
Step9, If there are any air bubbles, warp the credit card in tissue and try to scrape them out. All Done.

Let us introduce you some popular decal stickers designed for your Macbook

Once you receive our decal sticker, no matter you like or dislike it, pls provide us some comments on any aspects of our decal stickers. Because this is very important for our future business driven. Our goal is to provide best quality products and good service for buyers from all over the world. Thanx
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