How to assemble a wood and paper lamp

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Our wood and paper lamps are delivered flat packed and will require assembly upon arrival. To put it together, follow these simple steps:

1. Unpack the box/satchel and remove all cardboard, foam, or bubble wrap material. 
There should be:
- 4 flat pieces that make up the sides of the lamp (2 longer and 2 shorter)
- 2 crosspieces, one with cord, switch, and bulb holder
- 1 bulb
- 4 wood screws
- 1 plug adapter for Australian mains power (if you asked for one)

2. Place one of the longer flat pieces on a stable flat surface with the picture/ texture facing down. 

3. Align the shorter piece at 90 degrees to one of the sides of the longer piece. Slide the shorter piece into the thin groove on the side of the longer piece. Repeat for the second shorter piece on the other side of the first longer piece. Make sure the picture/ texture faces outward.

4. Align and fit the second longer piece to the sides of the 2 shorter pieces.

5. Fit the top cross piece and screw in loosely (all the way in, but do not tighten yet). The top cross piece goes in the opposite end to the lamps legs.

6. Fit the bottom cross piece (the one with the electric cord). This goes in nearest the lamps legs. Screw in all the way but do not tighten yet. 

7. Stand up the lamp on its legs and carefully slide the short pieces in the groove of the long pieces until their tops are flush with each other (if needed). If it doesn't slide easily, you can tap the tops gently with the end of your screwdriver.

8. Tighten the screws carefully making sure not to over tighten as the wood may crack.

9. Screw in the bulb (you may need someone with small hands to do this).

10. Plug the cord into the mains outlet (or via the plug adapter if you need one). Flick the switch to the 'on' position.
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