How to avoid dishonest camper trailer auctions.

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I have been looking at maybe purchasing a Camper trailer for a year now and have noticed an alarming trend which some sellers are employing to sell their c/trailers via the auction format. I have found their behaviour though legal on ebay, is set up to put the auction of their c/trailers in their favour and are able to manipulate the auction to suit themselves. The auction is then not a genuine auction we all expect, where real buyers decide what the market value is on their product, rather a dummy auction which is ripping off the genuine buyers and avoiding the fees they should be paying ebay. Let me explain further.

These sceptical auctions start at $0.99 with no reserve which makes the c/trailer auction look like a normal auction where as, the buyers determine the price of the item via bidding. This is the type of auction buyers are looking for, however once you look at the bidding history of the item, it reveals that it is a auction designed to manipulate the auction in the seller's favour. In a usual bidding history of an item put up for auction by a individual seller the first letter/number and the last letter/number or something similar is visible for all bidders to see. Anyone can then see the bidder's of the item's bidding history with the seller of the item up for auction which can elude us to whether the bidder is a genuine buyer or someone who is dummy bidding for the seller. You can also see whether the bidders are new to ebay or the amount of feedback they have received. But with these sceptical sellers bidding history, the bidder's identity is hidden supposedly to protect the bidder from what I don't know cause you can't identify bidders in the b/history of a normal auction either. Ebay has allowed these sellers to do it without obviously realising the negative effect it will have on them or the genuine buyers who bid on items. Because the identities are hidden, a buyer cannot see who else is bidding so can't check on %'s , etc. So how do we as buyers know whether the seller is dummy bidding or not?, we don't and over months of watching these sceptical auctions I have noticed that the price of the c/trailers when the auction's end is within $300 of each other. They also auction 2-3 of these c/trailers a day , 7 days a week, all year round, all within the same narrow price bracket. Who are they trying to kid??? c/trailers for one are not that popular to be selling 21 or more a week, every week of the year, and there are 4 or more sellers doing this, and obviously claiming this.

When you list an item for auction the cheaper the starting price, the lower the fee Ebay charges you. There is also fees charged if you put a reserve price on the item. These dodgy sellers are paying the lowest fee possible, then using the 'identities protected' line to hide their dummy bids so they don't lose money if the c/trailer's auction doesn't meet their costs, as well as avoiding having to pay a fee for having a reserve on their item. Paying the least amont of fees on an item is what all sellers want to do, but by these dodgy sellers doing what they are is proving that their auctions are nothing but a rort.

There are many other sellers of c/trailers and some have a reserve price, some don't, and the prices of the c/trailers when the auctions finish are all different. There are a lot of c/trailers that are basically the same, but the price the sellers get when the auction finishes are not even close to being the same, the end price swings as vast as $1500 difference which is normally expected in an auction environment when you take into account the day, time of day, time of year, but these dodgy sellers always get virtually the same price no matter what. MMMMMMMM I don't think so.

Now since I have alerted you all to what these crooks are doing and how to identify their auctions, AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING SUCKERED. If it is happening with camper trailers, it's happening with camping gear, etc so look out for them no matter what you want to buy.


I hope this helps all the buyers out there.

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