How to avoid fake Pokemon Gameboy Games

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.:How to avoid fake Pokemon Gameboy Games:.

In today's day and age Pokemon is still a huge phenomenon with a massive fan base all over the world! Sadly, with such a sizable market for Pokemon Gameboy games, all too freely the counterfeit market has crept into our lives. Fake Pokemon cartridges are (on eBay) even more plentiful in supply compared to the real and genuine items, so how do you, the potential buyer, differentiate between the real game, and the cunningly concocted yet highly inferior counterfeits? Easy!

Firstly it is necessary to remember that all counterfeit games are both illegal to own and illegal to sell, steer clear of them at all costs! As regular sellers of Pokemon games, we see fakes sell for top dollar every day, and cringe at the mistakes people are making. 

Here are a few tips to consider when buying that wonderful game that you've been wanting!

1. Cheap and Inferior packaging

Those untrustworthy sellers are always trying to get a buck off you, but they are seriously flawed in their methods. Legitimate Pokemon Gameboy games come packed in a hardy box, with quality printed images and a reasonably sized manual.

1a. Sellers will tell you the box will be "folded flat" to save on postage, this is a key sign (in many cases) that the box has never been constructed in its life. Rather simply shipped to the seller flat and ready to sell on.

1b. Through experience, some (not all) fake boxes (Often like fake trading cards) are coated with a wax like covering that has a tendency to scratch off, taking the precious cover art and text off with it, if you receive a box like this, Report it, and try your best to get your money back, IT IS FAKE!

1c. The boxes for the newer Pokemon games (Past the original 3, Red, Blue and Yellow) have a beautiful reflective and often holographic surface that makes them a stunning addition to your shelf. Avoid any that don't appear to have this embellishment on the box!

1d. Often counterfeit boxes are simply printed with basic stock images that don't reflect the legitimate standard ratings. A rating of RP tells you that the item is surely fake, as RP means Rating Pending, and the seller has taken the box image from an old source, and not from the real thing (rather stupid really, but true, perhaps these counterfeiters aren't that bright?)
Never buy anything with RP on the front! Always go for correctly rated games, eg. E, G+, M, Teen ect.

1e. This point is of major significance, the problem with most counterfeit games that really sets it out as a fake is the colour of the cartridge! All of the pokemon games (Besides the trading card game, pinball and the latest Mystery Dungeon games) have a distinct colour that matches the name of the game itself. For your convenience, we have placed images of all of these games for reference below. These are all the Pokemon games released for Gameboys. There are no others. Apologies for the picture quality, eBay only allows 10 low quality pictures in guides!

Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow

Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal

Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire

Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red

Pokemon Pinball, Trading Card Game and Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team.

1f. The manual of a real game is in book form, and has a minimum of 30 pages (Pokemon Emerald has 77 pages!!) , whereas fake manuals have under 30 pages and are highly abbreviated.

2. Game Flaws and Damages to your system.

As Pokemon games (like all gameboy games) have internal batteries that help to save data etc, pirated Pokemon games batteries have a tendancy to die very fast, leaving you with a useless cartridge that cannot save any data.

2b. Fake Pokemon games can contain the wrong game, or a game modified to look similar to one. Imagine buying that new Pokemon Ruby, only to find it is an inferior version of Sonic the Hedgehog!

2c. Counterfeit games can in fact damage your gameboy internally, leaving you with a broken Gameboy, and a void warranty!

Don't Get Stung!!

So play it safe, steer clear of fakes, and enjoy those great titles from Nintendo, lets hope they keep em' coming!

G.S.B. Team
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