How to be a Great Seller

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So you want to sell second hand clothes on ebay:

Take a minute to read a few things i have learnt from my short time on ebay, thanks to great feedback from buyers and sellers alike.

Selling Clothes:

  • Make sure items are stain free, odour free, and have no holes or tears.
  • It is ideal to have an iron, on average, more people purchase items that are neatly ironed and presented well than those that look like they've been shoved in adrawer.
  • A digital camera is almost regarded as a necessity now days. People love to see what they are buying, not many will buy sight unseen.
  • Investigate packaging options with Australia Post. No one wants to pay $2 for a pair of socks but be charged $4.90 to post them.
  • Declare if you are a smoking household, or have pets.Some people may have allergies, or the cigarrette smell can be a major cause of problems between buyer and seller.
  • Have a tape measure and if possible, include measurements of the item. Sleeve length from shoulder to cuff, chest width, length from neck to hem, pants waist width, pants leg length and inner leg length. it especially helps when you may have purchased the item originally from overseas.
  • For higher exposure, if it's a brand label such as Pumpkin patch, Gymboree, Billabong, Diesel, etc, put this in your title. DO NOT however use a brand name in your listing if it isn't infact one, this is key word spamming, a major ebay nono.
  • On the subject of brand labels, make sure it is an auhentic item. Selling counterfits as the real thing is illegal, and your buyer may end up reporting you to the authorities. If possible keep proof of purchse from the store so you can prove itis an authentic item.
  • Keep prices reasonable, as much as we would all love to get as much of our money back as we can, it stands to reason that no one is going to pay new price for a second hand item no matter how good a condition it is in.
  • Accept paypal from all buyers not just international ones. It really is convenient and safe.
  • Post in atimely manner AND always keep your buyers in the loop as to where you are at. Most you will find are totally understanding if you let them know you have been delayed, but if they don't  hear from you, they may get worried.
  • If you know you are only able to get to the post office on a certain day, put itin your listing so potential buyers are made aware in advance.

Well I think that about sums sit up. Good luck and happy ebaying, you'll see the pennies rolling in, in no time.

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