How to be an ebay user!

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Ebay isnt it wonderful. The way we can just itneract with each other and sell and buy unwanted things. Since registering for ebay at the start of this year i have sold 2 items and purchased 1. I'm quite happy with these transactions and am going to use ebay much more in the future.

The purpose of my guide is to teach the new ebay users how to use ebay and what they should do when they are selling and buying items.



* With most items you are selling off an auction its probably best to start the bidding low so it attracts more people, altough you musnt have the price too low that you will be unhappy with the results.

* Another must for selling is making sure you have a picture of your item so everyone can see it and they know what they are buying. You don't have to spend money on getting a basic photo thats the good thing.

* Also you don't have to spend all your money on getting flashy backrounds, big and neat headings or anything else the important thing is the item, the price and condition.

* Always when you sell and item you should explain what it is and what it does etc.

* Make sure you have the postage low or what you need it to be this attracts more bidders and you will sell your items easier.


* The most important thing to look out for when buying and item is the price of it, If your happy with the conditioning of the item and if the postage is low on the selected item.

*Don't take the first item that comes up have a good long look at the item if you arent sure.

*Don't bid too early because then the opposing bidder will bid back straight away and the price you wanted will now be higher.

* If its ok with you take the buy it now price because the bidding price might raise over the buy it now price as the auction goes on.


Now that you have read all that you should be a professional like me at ebay.

By Dale May

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