How to bid successfully...and win!!!!!!!!

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I have learnt how to bid successfully and win!!

The first step is to choose carefully, when you see something you like, really like, put in the lowest bid, this will bring the item to your bidding page..

Once you are bidding if you are lucky you will be the only one bidding and therefore the item is your's.

However if you are not the only one bidding then you will have to diligently watch your item until it comes down to the last 10 mins of the auction.

Once you have come nearly to the end. The price is still within your affordability range (never bid for something you cannot afford, it is not fair to you or the seller).

You then open up two pages, side by side, ensure they are both on the bidding item you desire and using one side choose your top bid amount and the other side have the page showing the time that is left.

Alternately refresh each page as to not allowing either to freeze. Once you get down to the final 10 secs or less, click the submit button for your bid to go over and then click refresh on the other page. You will be able to see if you have become the top bidder or not.

Be sure to take note of the amount already bid and then at the last moment throw in your bid (make this as high as you like, you will only get the top bid already made). This will inevitably give you the other persons final bid and because you have the higher amount WULLAH!!!!!!!!!!

You have won the item of your desire..

This has worked each and every time I really set my heart on an auction being mine..

I have found it to be the best way to win that elusive auction...

Try it and see...

(For numerous auctions at the same time try your hand at a few windows being open at the same time. I have won 7 consecutive auctions all from the same person and all a few seconds apart.)

This is truly tried and tested and I declare this to be the reason for my SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!

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