How to buy Golf Clubs

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Golf is a very popular sport and can also be a very expensive one if setting yourself up with the top equipment. Ebay is a great source for getting access to top of the range clubs and gear without forking out anything near retail. Because there are so many clubs out there and so many different sellers, here are a few tips I have for getting some great golf equipment deals.

1. Know what you are after.

There are thousands of auctions for golf clubs on ebay, to help in searching for the right gear, use specific searches such as "driver" or "putter" rather than "golf clubs" also get to know what brands you are interested in, there are many great websites and forums out there that profiles the top brands that the tour pros use. Even dropping into your local golf shop and having a look around and maybe even swing a few clubs to get an idea of what you are after.

2. Find the right seller.

Like any ebay auction finding the right seller is important to a good transaction, check out the sellers feedback and also check out what sort of items they have sold in the past. There are specialty businesses and individuals who focus on the sale of golf gear. A lot of this is ex demonstration equipment and can be picked up at a bargain price.


3. Buying from overseas.

Buying the best gear from overseas is a great way to get the best deals, the power sellers that have 100% feedback and lots of transactions to their name are the preffered option. Shop around for postage as posting a golf club can be very expensive, sometimes even more than the club itself! Combining postage is a great way to save. Check out what the difference is in price between Australia and overseas sellers for clubs. If your clever you can pick up a few bargain price golf clubs get the postage combined, keep one to use yourself and sell the others on ebay for a profit to offset the cost of the club you are using.


4. Be patient!

Unless you have to be the first person at your course to be using the latest piece of equipment, being patient can save you some serious dollars. As more people change over clubs for an even newer model, there will be more supply in the market and you can pick up that new driver for a fraction of the price.








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