How to buy Wiccan/Pagan Supplies

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This guide is designed to help eBay buyers to make informed choices when bidding on / purchasing Wiccan and Pagan supplies on eBay.

It's important when buying Wiccan Supplies or Tools to really consider the purpose of your purchase. Are you looking for something to match the sofa or are you hoping for something with particular energies? Even if all you are looking for is something to put on your coffee table as a conversation piece, it's easy enough to avoid buying some mass produced rubbish made of plastic and polished glass if you know the right questions to ask.

Although you will perform your own consecration of any Wiccan tools, the method with which the tool was constructed will greatly affect the ultimate power and effectiveness of the tool. Hence, if it's not made by hand then you are buying a toy, nothing more, cheaper to buy a Showbag and then at least you get a pointed hat as well.

However, if you are looking for working Wiccan tools, eBay is fast starting to become a marketplace to buy them. Follow a few simple rules to ensure everybody ends up happy. 

Firstly, ask heaps of questions before you bid. If the seller appears unhelpful at first, keep asking! If you don't get the answers you were looking for, be wary of your purchase. 

Personally, I don't understand why such high prices are charged for a lot of Pagan stuff, so my second rule is: Ask yourself what am I getting for my money? Again a couple of questions to the seller should answer this for you.  If you are looking for a tool for a particular purpose speak to the seller and explain your needs, so you know you are getting the right equipment for the job. Ask the seller; who made the item, and where, and when and why, if that's what you want to know. 

Finally: Support other Pagans and Pagan artistans because without them the old mysteries will be lost to the ages forever and we need all knowledge to help us solve our modern day dilemmas.

When treading the path less travelled your questions will always be answered at the right time.  However, if you feel that way is taking too long, contact us and we'll try to help answer your questions in a more timely fashion.

If you plan to tackle the mysteries of the universe on your own, please don't do it armed with plastic, make sure your tools are suited to your needs!

Best Wishes for Peace Profound


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