How to buy a value for money perfume.

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Find a perfume with pure essential oils.

Buying perfumes with 100% pure essential oils and certified organic essential oils gives value for your money.  This is because pure essential oils, certified organic essential oils, and natural ingredients can be as much as 50x more expensive than the synthetic oils commonly used in mass produced perfumes.

1. Avoid being blinded with paid beauty bloggers advising you to buy branded perfumes.

The first step is ensure your ingredients label properly discloses the ingredients.
Second ensure they are pure essential oils, certified organic, and/or natural ingredients . Amacyn's natural perfume ingredients are with 100% pure essential oils and certified organic oils,  sourced from certified and registered Australian producers and suppliers.

Oh  please let them know that you are a smart buyer and you don't tolerate these innuendos from paid beauty bloggers. Most of them have no scientific background, they are simply paid bloggers. 

Most of the big brands are made in China and the reason why it is expensive is because you are buying the brand, as a consumer be smart, buy on the basis of the quality of the ingredients and uniqueness of the scent.

2.  Ensure that the source of natural ingredients of your perfume designer and producer are licensed and certified by appropriate government regulatory and industry bodies. 

Avoid natural perfumes with essential oils that are sourced from producers, distributors, and sellers of essential oils with warnings from the food and drug authority. Stay away from essential oil distributors that promise cure in cancer and all other existing illnesses without showing you an appropriate certificate coming from the government and acknowledged industry regulatory body.  

Amacyn natural perfumes are sourced from trusted Australian producers and suppliers with license to distribute pure and certified essential oils. 

3. Check. check , and check your ingredient labels. 

If the words pure essential oil, essential oil, or certified organic essential oils are missing, the perfume may contain synthetic oils and other chemical ingredients. Such synthetic oils and chemical ingredients  may not be good for your health. The long term effect of some chemicals or combinations, is not yet understood.

4. Check if your perfume producers and distributors  use pure ethanol. 

Ethanol is distilled from plant materials. It is fermented from sugar cane, wheat, corn, etc. 

As Essential Oils don't blend with water, alcohol is a necessary ingredient to aid in delivering your favourite scent via spray pumps.

Check your ingredient labels if it discloses "pure natural alcohol" or "perfume grade natural alcohol".  A pure plant base alcohol or certified organic alcohol is much more expensive than less pure alcohols which could contain any number of things to extend volume.

In summary if you are looking for a value for money perfume go for natural and/or certified organic perfumes because the ingredients are much more expensive than your synthetic branded perfumes.

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