How to buy beard oil?

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Beard oil is a relatively new product in the market, therefore we decided to put together a list of what you should look for when buying a beard oil.

Today there are many beard oil companies in the market, and some of them have great products to offer. But unfortunately that's not the case for all of the beard oil companies.

Most of the beard oils are put together by small manufactures. To be exact, they are homemade and handmade by an individual who decided to put together few oils and bottle them in order to make few bucks. 

The problem with these products are that they are  manufactured unprofessionally without any knowledge of lab work and cosmetic industry. The blend of oil used may not be the best combination of oils or the amount of essential oils and fragrances that they use may not follow the cosmetic industry standards.

While handmade shoes, belt buckles, furniture, and statues  are highly desirable, the same doesn't apply to cosmetic and beauty products. These products need to be made in labs and clean rooms under controlled and hygienic conditions.
 So how to tell the difference and choose the right beard oil?
  • Quality vegetable oils and essential oils are not cheap, so a really cheap beard oil should raise an alarm about the quality of the ingredients. 
  • Beard oils are usually offered in bottles ranging from 15ml to 50ml. So when buying beard oil make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for you buck.
  • Pay attention to the packaging, branding, and labelling of the products. A quality product speaks for itself. Avoid beard oils with silly brand names, low quality packaging and labelling and above all no accurate details about the manufacturer itself. 
  • Read review of a certain product before buying one. We have tried many of the beard oils in the market. The scent on most of them are unbearable especially for putting on your face and right under your nose. They either use too much essential oils which can cause skin irritation, photosensitivity or even headaches, or they use too little which means that the beard oil actually smell like vegetable oils that is not very pleasant.
 In conclusion, do your research before buying beard oil and use the same buying criteria that you use for other health and beauty products. Being manly doesn't mean that we have to buy low quality products. It means that we have to make wise choices when it comes to spending our money on a product. 

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