How to buy proper like on Ebay!

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I myself haven't been an ebay member that long in regards to "star power", but I do know a few things here and there, about how to buy  like an ~ awesome sauce ~ person!

* Talk to the seller. (communication via buyer and seller is essential for a great sales completion)

* Ask them these small things..... "If it's authentic, does it look exactly like its portrait suggests
and are your shipping costs reliable? "

* Check the internet for the picture of the item they display to you. Chances are, if you can't see it on a search engine, then they're selling you a FAKE!

* Only buy it if you can afford it! Nothing is more embarrassing then saying that "you will buy the product" then not having the necessary funding to go ahead with the deal!

* Be polite and kind to your seller aways! You may be the "buyer" that is interested in the sellers business and goods, but they will not sell you the item if you are mean, inconsiderate, rude or clingy towards them.
(This should obviously be the sellers means of communication as well ^o^)

That's all the information I have right now. More on the way once I get stuck into Ebay more!
Onwards to more Ebay shopping and freedom! ^-^

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