How to buy/sell anything in general

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You see alot of people getting ripped off, scammed or anything else, and it makes you wonder what are they doing wrong? theres one answer to that.

If you're going to buy or sell a item at anytime, before you think about looking on ebay, do some research, find out how much the item you want is. Once you have everything you need you can now find the item on ebay, this is easily done with just the search, but you cant just exspect to right away find the right item for you, before you buy anything make sure you find how much u can get the same item for from other sellers, if they sell for less then the other seller is selling it for, maybe one would send it quicker then the other would, or maybe you dont trust one of the sellers, this all comes in handy when your trying to buy something on ebay.

It is the same with selling, research your item, find out what others are selling it for, and if you want to have better chances at selling the item, then make your item lower then the rest, you might lose some money doing this, but alot of buyers will pay less for a item and much more quickly then they would to a higher priced item.

The most important thing about buying or selling on ebay, is research the sellers you are dealing with, if you can try stick to top rated sellers, as they are most unlikely to rip you off, the same goes with selling a item, research the bidders or if they are buying it right away, research and see if they are bad buyers, this is the most easiest way to buy or sell on ebay.

Not rushing ebay is one of the most important things you should never do, take your time, research and you will find what your looking for over time.
if you ever find it hard to figure out how to buy or sell correctly, all you have to do is look in all the guides and figure out what guide suits you.

just remember the key points about buying and selling
find different prices
know which seller is better
never rush when buying or selling

Have fun buying/selling on ebay, follow these simple steps and you will be closer to buying or selling your first item

Thanks for reading my guide, say safe while your on ebay :)
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