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Purchased or sold an item on eBay USA or another eBay international site? The benefit or buying/selling internationally is the wide breadth of product available, not to mention the chance to 'meet' someone half-way across the world! International trading also ensures you can find the best price on eBay. Here are some tips and hints on shipping when either the buyer or seller is overseas, to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

For buyers:

  • Remember to complete Checkout by clicking the button at the top of the auction page at auction end.
  • When checking out, ensure that international shipping is selected. Some sellers may offer you various forms of international shipping (ie. standard Airmail vs Global Priority). Contact the seller if you are unsure which to choose.
  • International payments are most often made via Paypal, a safe way to transfer payments online.
  • Most sellers notify buyers when they have shipped the item. If you are concerned, contact the seller to request a status update.
  • Standard Airmail shipping will take approximately 10 business days to reach after it has been shipped. Express shipping is usually delivered within 5 business days
  • If you prefer insurance, contact the seller if you can include extra for insurance costs.
  • Do remember to leave your seller feedback after you have received the item

For sellers:

  • Calculate your international shipping costs before listing your auction. You can do so at Rates start at $8.50 for a package, however it is variable by weight so it is wise to weigh your item to ensure you are charging the right amount for postage
  • Do offer the option of insurance on your auctions. Buyers are happy to bear the cost of these if it ensures the item’s safety. International Insurance is approximately $7.50 for an item value up to $100.
  • All international shipments will require a form of identification, and you will be required to fill in a customs form, declaring your package’s contents and value.
  • Do ship promptly after payment is received. Your buyer is eagerly waiting for the item they just bought from you!
  • Do present your packages in the way you would like to receive them. Wrap breakables up in bubble wrap. Iron and fold clothes. Place CDs/DVDs in a box to ensure they do not break. A thoughtfully wrapped purchase will be well-received, which will translate into a glowing positive feedback from your buyer!
  • Do remember to leave your buyer feedback

Happy eBay-ing!

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