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Hello everyone!

I am just here one week already and I did very good shopping a few times. New bicycle for $ 76, a good digital camera (12 MP) for 70, Video camera for $ 64, new digital cordless phone+ extra handset+ answer machine for $ 44 etc. Really  good deals! It was easy  to  buy usually.

Here, you wuill find some indicators how to win ayuction and how to buy successfully.

First of all, think really if you need this item at home. Do not buy things which are going to be useless. Be carefull when you are shopping as there are many tricks often. So, you can buy keyboard for $ 5 or $ 1000 which looks very nice on the picture but it is only a good toy for children (20 cm lenght, 5 instruments playing) and you could buy it in shop for $ 15. It is important that you read desribtion (details) o the  item carefully before biding.Read carefully all information about extra charges (postage  fee, required insurance, etc.) as you can win on auction something for $ 1 and feel very happy (good deal :)) } but you can find that you have to pay finally $ 121 for the item. In other words you won something placed bid $ 1 but you did not check all of information about delivery charges, insurance etc.

Now, I will give you some information how to bid successfully on auction:

. This is the best method which works very often well. You see something intersting with bid $ 5 already (in shop you have to pay about $ 120) and you would like to have it. Everything what we have to do now, it is to win auction and pay for the item as little as possible. It should be a good deal! The best option is to start biding just 1 or 2 minutes before the end of the auction but you must be very fast as time goes on quickly.Remeber that thera are often 5 or even 100 people biding with you. If tyou start biding early, there is a big possibility that you will be outbid very soon or the final cost of the item will go very high. So, put 5.50 AUD just one or two minutes before the end and look what is going on. However, enter the highest amount of money which you could pay for the item (do not enter the amount which will be finally not suitable for you or do not overpay for this item) approximately 30 seconds before the end of the auction.Remember that if you entered 80 AUD, it does not mean mean that you will pay so much but it is possible that maybe you will have. Most of people enter amount 50 cents or 1 AUD higher than the present only. It is easy to see that you have a big chance to win this auction (if only 30 seconds left) as if someone seeing $ 14 entered bid 15 AUD you will probably win the item for 16 or 17 AUD (venthough you entered the highest bid $ 80). In other words, your highest entered bid does not mean anything if you started to bid in last 1 minut of the auction, except this that it will give you an opportunity to win the auction successfully.


Good  LUCK !!!

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