How to buy the best mobile phone for you!

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Looking for a new mobile phone?

Great! Don't know where to start? Try looking at popular brand name websites such as Telstra (nokia), Samsung, Sony etc to check out the latest releases and get a feel for what you might be looking for in a phone. There are a few questions you first need to ask yourself:

  1. What is my spending limit? It's always best to budget a realistic figure on how much you're willing to pay for a phone.
  2. What features do I want? Phones come with a range of extras including cameras, radio, email access etc. Also remain realistic about what you want to use your phone for.

There are so many phones on offer, which do I choose?

  • Ensure that the advertised phone is clearly described as NEW or USED. If you're looking for a new phone, expect to pay a little more than for a used one. However, if you're wanting a used phone, make sure it comes with the accessories like the manual, charger etc.
  • It is recommended that you choose a phone which is UNLOCKED or contract free. This way, you're free to insert your own sim card and use it as a pre-paid phone or start your own contract with the server of your choice. This will ensure that there are no strings attached or outstanding bills on the phone!
  • If you're buying a phone from inter-state or overseas, make sure the phone will work in your area. Some networks (if the phone requires a particular network) will only work in particular states. For example, the Orange network required for some CDMA phones will only work in eastern staes of Australia.

I've picked the phone I'd like, but how can I trust the seller?

It is reccommended to use sellers who use Paypal as their method of payment. Paypal is a secure entity, which is affiliated and endorsed by Ebay. For more information, go to Paypal Information. This way, if you have any problems, you're protected financially and can be reimbursed if neccessary.

It is also reccommended to check the seller's feedback and to ask the seller as many questions as you deem neccessary to feel comfortable with the transaction.

Once you've received your phone, check to see if you're satisfied with it and leave positive, neutral or other feedback!

Happy shopping!!

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