How to care for Indoor plants

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How to care for Indoor plants.

Indoor plants tend to brighten up your house and lift your spirit especially during the winter months. They are also a great beginner project for would-be gardeners. Growing plants indoors is easier than growing them outdoors, as you can control the climate and run less risk of having to deal with pests and plant diseases. Nonetheless, indoor plants still do require proper care. Like any plants, they need the right temperature, the right amount of water and the right amount of fertilizer. This article will give you a head start on how to care for indoor plants.

Choosing the right type of plants is the first step. Get a selection of plants that do not require a lot of direct sunlight as it lessens the hassle of providing such requirement. If you live in the North, south-facing windows get a fair bit of light, but no spot indoors gets constant sunlight. Or if you live elsewhere and seems not familiar where north or south is, try to be familiar first with the areas where sunlight are abundant and in what time of the day.

Second factor is the placement. Place your plants based on how much light they need. A low-light plant like lucky bamboo will do well in a dim corner of the room away from the windows. Place the plants that need the most direct sunlight the well lighted windows and your slightly lower-light plants in other windows.
Avoid the extremes. Keep your plants away from chills and hot drafts. That means do not place them close to the freezer or right next to the window in winter.
Balance the dryness and wetness. Keep your plants appropriately watered and drained. Indoor plants generally need less water than outdoor ones. Over-watering will actually kill some plants more quickly than too little water. The soil should be damp, but not soaked. The plants should have a hole in the bottom of their pots and sit in a tray for excess water to drain into.
If you live areas where there is winter, consider using a humidifier during the cold season. Low light plants often like a lot of humidity, and most houses are very dry in winter.
Lessen the fertilizer. Indoor plants typically only need fertilizer every several months or so; too much fertilizer can damage them.

Knowing how to take care of indoor plants will certainly increase the life its life span and consequently will provide you with the comforts a green environment brings.

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