How to care for an Indoor Bamboo Plant

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Care for an Indoor Bamboo Plant

Bamboo is a fast-growing outdoor plant that either grows as tall as two-storeys or the short varieties that are often used as ornamental plants. The latter will be the focus of this article. With proper maintenance and care, bamboo can be a manageable potted indoor plant.

To start off, choose a container that is about the length of your bamboo's roots. Choose a container that has holes on the bottom and fill with a well draining soil. Plant your bamboo about 2 inches deep into the soil Once you put your bamboo's root ball in the container, it is important to have at least two inches on all sides to allow for ample growth.

Another important factor in maintaining your indoor bamboo is by keeping the soil moist at all times. It should not be over watered or allowed to dry out. You can also occasionally mist your bamboo plants with a spray bottle, especially in dry atmospheres.

Keep your bamboo plant in a sunny or partially sunny spot in your home. You can also provide supplemental lighting by placing the bamboo near another source of light such as a fluorescent lamp or plant light.

Prune your bamboo plant. Do not be afraid to prune as cutting back your bamboo will not hurt it. Trim it to keep it short and trim to keep it from getting too wide. Also, you can trim your bamboo for decorative purposes by varying the sizes and keeping the shoots to a minimum.

Knowing how to care for and indoor bamboo plants may come as a hobby or it may be a good source of income as many tries to put them in their homes for good luck. Better start learning how to take care of indoor bamboo plant.

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