How to care for top quality fabric - Heals of London

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These instructions on how to call for Heals of London fabrics came directly from one of their vintage swing tage. These instructions would apply to all vintage fabrics that are cotton gaberdine - Marimekko, Waverly, Liberty etc. Heal of London fabrics are some of the most collectable of the 20th century....

The fabric is suitable either for laundering or dry cleaning.
It is better to wash or dry frequently than to let it become badly soiled. The enemies of all textiles are dirt and chemical fumes in the atmosphere.
Rinse in lukewarm water before laundering. Wash seperately in warm water, not boiling and not hotter than the hand can bear.
Soap flakes or powders or detergents must be completely dissolved before immersion of the fabric, and the strength recommended by the makers must not be exceeded.
Avoid excessive rubbing. It a washing machine is used, do not exceed the time recommended.
Rinse through thoroughly, to ensure complete removal of any particles of surface dye or foreign matter. This is most important.
Do not force the materal through the wringer. Spread it out evently. Support its weight. When hanging to dry, distribute weight evently. Leave damp for ironing.
Stretch gently lengthwise, ironing in the same direction. It is better to iron on the wrong side as this preserves the original appearance. Do not use too hot an iron.
A 5% allowant for shrinkage should be made unless the material has already been pre-shrunk.
Generally speaking, the further a curtain can hang from the window glass the longer it will last, because condensation is partly responsible for fabric deterioration...

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