How to care for your fleece throw

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Fleece throws are very durable and will last for years if taken care of properly. They are generally hard wearing and low maintenance. However improper caring for your fleece throw can cause it to become hard, bumpy and rough.

How to wash and care for your fleece throw:

- Always wash your fleece throws in luke warm(warm-cold) water with similar fabrics.

- Please use the gentle cycle when washing fleece fabrics because excess friction is a major factor in the pilling.

- Never use bleach or fabric softeners with modern fleece fabrics!

- Use the low heat setting and the gentle cycle of your tumble dryer, modern fleece is sensitive to heat.

- Do not ever dry clean, however you can air dry your fleece for that fresh air scent!

- Do not iron polyester fleece. Ironing fleece may, and probably will, leave marks on the fleece throw, or may even cause the throw to melt!

Special tips:

- Avoid washing fleece blankets with towels. Fleece material attracts lint balls, which are hard to remove. Add a fabric sheet to the dryer to prevent static cling.

- Do not wash your fleece throw in hot water. This will cause the fibres in your fleece o breakdown and stretch and it will never feel the same again.

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