How to care for your sheets

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As an online retailer of bed linen, I want to make sure that my customers receive the best advice on how to care for their sheets.

Here are just a few simple recommendations for taking care of any fine washables;

Never Dry Clean your sheets

It is recommended to always wash sheets as opposed to dry cleaning, this avoids dry cleaning chemicals becoming close to your body. Another reason is that you can control exactly what is washed with your sheets at home.

Only use a mild detergent or soap.

It is recommended to only use detergents or soaps that don’t have any whiteners or brighteners, and ones that have very little fragrances and colourings in it. Today, it is easier to find products without a lot of dyes or additives because society is more “green” conscience. Some Brand examples are Eco Store, Planet Ark Aware, and Bosisto’s. Also stay away from Clorox. Oxygen Bleaches are ok to use, however it is best to test it on a corner of the linen just to make sure it won’t take any of the colour out.

It is good practice to dissolve the detergent or soap in the water first.

(Hint: Front loaders are a lot better for your washing. They are more gentle on your washing and they don’t have the agitator in the middle.)

Use Cool Water

It is recommended to use cool – luke warm water, stay away from Hot Water. Hot Water is very harsh on the fibers and hard on the colours, and will shorten the life span of your sheets.

Use a gentle cycle; you don’t need a lot of agitation.

Don’t over fill your washing machine. If you have a king size bed with lots of sheets, pillowcases, etc, it is best to do separate washes. You may do one load with your fitted sheet and flat sheet, and then do another load with the quilt cover and pillow cases. Whatever you do, make sure there is plenty of room so the sheets can move freely in the washing machine.

Line/Air Dry Your Sheets

It is recommended to line/air dry your sheets as opposed to using a dryer. Not only when you line dry, the wind will take most of the crinkles out and may avoid the need to iron the sheets. Avoiding a Dryer will increase the longevity of your sheets. Also did you know, all that lint you see in the dryer, it is the fabric breaking down into little particles. In other words it’s your clothing or your sheets coming apart.

If you don’t have the luxury of line drying your sheets, then dry them in the Dryer on the air tumble mode. You just want to fluff dry them. It is best not to use any heat (once again because it is hard on the fibers and they will break down faster) and just before the sheets are bone dry, take them out and lay them over your bed for the last ½ hour of drying before you put them away in your linen closet.

Whilst all care has been taken to provide this general advice, in no way are we guaranteeing the accuracy of such recommendations, nor should they be relied upon in any way or form. We accept no liability and all care should be taken by the recipient to the longevity of their product/s.


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