How to choose a heavy duty IR LED CCD reverse camera?

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Just what is a heavy-duty waterproof IR LED colour CCD car rear-view reversing camera, and how do you choose the right one for you and your car?

Okay, it sounds complicated, I know. Say heavy duty waterproof IR LED colour CCD car rear view reversing camera too many times and your tongue becomes knotted. And, I can hear you calling out in a muffled voice, “So, what’s it do?” So rather than letting you stand there, unable to speak, with a bewildered look on your face, I think that it is best that I explain.  

Firstly, a CCD is a Charge Coupled Device is an image sensor, which is used in a digital camera. Simply put, it converts light into electrons, so that they can be converted into a digital value and then recorded. For example, let us say you just took a picture. This image then comes through the camera lens as refracted light and bounces off the CCD, which then converts this light into electrons.
An analogue-to-digital converter then measures the number of these electrons, known as the accumulated charge of a pixel, and then converts these into a digital value. However, this final conversion step happens outside of the CCD.
So, what’s this mean to you, I hear you ask?

Well, the CCD car rear view reversing camera uses advanced technology, which produces a sharper image and better picture quality, especially when compared to the older CMOS car rear view reversing camera.  

Produced by Sharp®, the IR LED colour CCD car rear-view reversing camera offers you clarity when reversing your car. These upgraded circuits are said to deliver image quality that is equally as good, if not better, than the Sony® sensor, which we had on previous versions of this camera. However, the biggest bonus in using these new and innovative sensors is that they are compatible with all monitor resolutions, unlike the Sony® sensor.
Hot Tips
1.    Don’t buy an inferior, cheaper sensor that will NOT produce a quality image, especially at night;
2.    Check what type of monitor connector you have – a 4 PIN or a RCA jack – before you purchase;
3.    If you have a 4PIN monitor then there is no universal configuration so you need to find a CCD camera that fits; and

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