How to choose a special occasion dress

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A special occasion calls for just the right outfit. Whether you're on your way to a best friend's wedding or just visiting grandma on Thanksgiving you will want to look your best. A pretty dress can be an ideal clothing choice for both a warm summer engagement party and a snowy evening Christmas celebration. Find the right special occasion dress and you'll find a dress you can wear to commemorate happy experiences for many years.


1 Investigate fabric choices. Dresses meant for special occasions are made from many fabrics including cotton, silk, brocade and linen. A thicker fabric might be better if you intend to wear the dress during the colder months. Fabrics with less heft are useful during the spring and summer months. If you are attending an outdoor party in the heat, a dress made from lighter materials will help you stay cool.

2 Evaluate length. Special occasion dresses typically start at mid-knee. A shorter dress is generally worn to a smaller or less formal occasion. If you are attending an afternoon wedding, a dress that ends at mid-calf can be just right. Longer dresses that touch your ankles are appropriate for a high-end wedding, special anniversary or upscale dinner party.

3 Take sleeve length and necklines into consideration. If you have well-toned arms or shoulders look for a dress with shorter sleeves and a boat or sweet heart neckline to help show them off. If you need to lose weight in these areas consider a longer sleeve length or the use of illusion netting to draw attention elsewhere.

4 Take photographs. If you are looking at multiple dresses in different stores you may not remember all of your choices. Bring a digital camera with you. Take pictures of memorable details such as beading or a full skirt, as well as pictures of the entire dress. Make notes about the dress where you saw the dress and its, as well as which stores offer alteration services so that you can have the dress changed to your desired specifications.

5 Evaluate color. Neutral colors such as white and beige will fit in at any party. Pastels such as lavender, lemon yellow and lime are appropriate during the spring and summer. Darker colors and jewel tones such as emerald and scarlet are a good choice for events during the fall and winter. Look for colors that complement your best features. If you have bright turquoise eyes, search for a dress in a striking shade of blue to draw attention to them


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