How to choose an accoustic guitar

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How do you choose an acoustic guitar to have for the rest of your life?
1. Great guitars are made everywhere; Spain, US, Sweden, Japan, China, Canada, Oz, even Tasmania!!!
2. Its all about the quality of wood,
eg. Is the wood seasoned / aged to allow for shrinkage before gluing?
How many pieces of wood are in the guitar? eg. One solid spruce timber body top resonates better than a couple of pieces or a laminate.
3. how well it is made...the craftsmanship.
In the old days the builder signed their work...Are the workers experienced & loving it? You'll find plenty of Brand names now in poorer countries to compete price wise, so you'll have to check the newer instrument reviews by the factory & year it was made ( look up the # serial number).
Summary: you get what you pay for (or a second hand luckydip bargain).
Good luck!

Check this great Utube link for an insight into the current building methods:
Vid thanks to Godin factory in Quebec & gpChris95

Cheers & tunes

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