How to choose laptops

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With so many different laptop manufactures and styles to choose from, decided on which laptop to purchase which is best suited to your needs can be a difficult decision. We can supply a vast range of laptops to suit different budgets and users. Email us with your exact requirements for a laptop including your budget and a member of our dedicated team will contact you with a choice of laptop options.

Please remember that there are laptop computers everywhere these days. You can even go to Kmart or Big W to buy one. These laptops are generally third party laptops which are specially made for sale here in Australia, you will find that there is no service centers in Australia so getting support or parts will be extremely difficult, even the salesman calls them generic models it would be very difficult to obtain or even find a part for one and even you do manage to find a part it will be double to triple the price of the lets say Toshiba or IBM parts..

A laptop manufacturer will typically contact an ODM to design and build the casing, layout, main board and screen..

Major ODM's: Compal, Clevo, Uniwill, ECS, Arima, FIC, Spectec, Wistron & Mitac. (These ODMs manufacture over 65% of laptops globally)
They are cheap and very poorly built and they are designed for home user, normally you will get limited warranty and many of them will break soon after your purchase
They make laptops for Acer , BENQ, HP, COMPAQ, DELL, ASUS, BENQ, LG and many others
All of these ODMs also make designs available to non-name brand manufacturers. I.e. sold at Kmart or Big W

The best laptop manufactures in the world is QUANTA and they making only laptops for Toshiba and IBM

Toshiba's Primary ODM is: QUANTA
IBM’s Primary ODM is: QUANTA

We are not saying that DELL or Acer doesn’t have good laptop computers, they sure do but these laptops are rarely available to general public to buy. They do have very good quality laptops that are designed and sold to high end business as they are not willing to loose their reputation with them. These laptops will normally cost over 3 thousand dollars and they will be leased to big companies for period of 2 years and later they will be offered to dealers Australia wide for purchase and resale. What ever dealers don’t buy it is sent to public auctions where general public will have the opportunity to buy..

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