How to choose the best iPhone case/cover

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The first thing you may be wondering after purchasing your new iPhone is "How can I protect my phone with something that's both functional and looks great?"

Well here are some things to consider:

1. What is the iPhone case made from? There are many choices on the market, ranging from plastic, leather, silicone, aluminium, carbon fibre... the list goes on. Whilst the plastic cases may come in a range of colours and styles, and be easy on the wallet they may crack easily. On the other hand, leather may protect your phone from the knicks and scratches that are likely to occur, however are you willing to pay the higher price tag for this? Similarly, silicone cases may protect from drop-phone syndrome, but don't look as slick, nor are they as easy to pull out of your pocket. What is most suitable for you and your lifestyle?

2. How does the case 'sit' on your phone? Is it a gripcase which hugs your iPhone and is not meant to be pulled in and out easily? Or is it a pouch which is designed for pulling in and out? Does it attach to your belt, or can you hang it from a lanyard (good for people on the go, sports people etc)?

3. What are you willing to pay for your iPhone case? There are a range of prices from ridiculously cheap (and nasty!) to very expensive. It may help to set a budget before looking for your iphone case.

4. Finally, how does the case look? You've spent all that money on your iPhone... and the case should flatter it, not obscure it!


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