How to chose the right crystal for youself and others.

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How To Chose The Right Crystal.

Choosing the right crystal is not so mystical and difficult as you may have thought. There is never one way that is going to suit each and every person. We are all very different from one person to the next. Our needs, experiences, emotions, relationships and most importantly energy or vibration is completely individual. There truly is no one like you on the planet. It is from this viewpoint that we are happy to give you some suggestions and ideas to help you through the process of selecting a crystal, but remember that all the information "out there" is no match for your own intuition and selection.

There are lots of different ways you can select a crystal. I'll start with my favourite way and the way I find produces the best results. When you are ready to select your crystal take your time and have a general look around. Take your time and be relaxed have in the back of your mind why you're wanting or needing a crystal (but don't focus or obsess on it). As you look around here are some things to notice.

  1. Pay attention to what colours you find attractive.

  2. When you pick up crystals do they give you any physical sensations ( warmth, cool, tingles) ?

  3. Do you feel more comfortable with smooth, polished pieces or do you feel more drawn to pieces that remain relatively untouched and in their natural state?

  4. Sometimes it is worth thinking about how you are going to use the crystal when you take it home. Is it going to be worn on your person? Is it a display piece for you to have close by (ie on your desk or bedside table)?

By taking your time and letting your self discover the right crystal for you you can be sure that the right one will be the one that just seems to "fit."

I love to watch people follow this beautiful process. Usually, once the person has the special little piece they are attracted to we look it up in one of our resource books. More often than not, the person has a little giggle and more than a couple of head nods - "Yep, that's exactly it" is something I hear on a very regular basis.

Sometimes though, the books don't back up what the person is thinking or doesn't seem to match what they were looking for. This doesn't mean that they've picked the wrong crystal. One of the greatest lessons I've learnt in the many, many years I've had the privlege of working with crystals is that possiblities are endless and that just because it's not in the book doesn't mean it's not true. (Even the books don't agree with each other half the time...) There is always more to see, discover, experience and share.

Ok, now for those of you who just had a mini spin out and started muttering about that's not very helpful, let's try a different approach. You can use the method I just spoke of in reverse. Have a look through one of the resource books. You can look up the index for your particular pupose (ie relationships) or many have a reference setion with tables, charts and diagrams (for those of you that thrive on structure). From here you should have a bit of a short list of possible stones. It usally a great idea to have a quick read through each crystal's "bio" if you have a good feeling about that particular one add it to the shortlist if it doesn't seem right move on. When you've got a selection of short listed crystals have a closer look at the actual crystals themselves. From here follow the tips I mentioned earlier. Pay attention to colour, size, feel (physical and vibrational) and suitablity for how you're going to use it.

Many people like to use the particular colour for the chakra that matches the area of the body that needs help. Here's a really simple way to remember chakras and keep is simple. The chakra colours are the same as the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Red works on the lowest part of torso and the colours gradually flow one to the next with the purple colours at the head. So, green ( and pink by the way) are great for the heart and emotional issues, blue for the throat and communication and so on.

Now for the question you've been waiting for me to answer. The question every girl wants to know and every guy cringes at... Is bigger better? The answer is the same ol' chestnut that has been given for centuries. It's not the size of the crystal, it's how you use it and most importantly how you feel about it. A small crystal that you think is stunning will give you way better results than a great big hunk of something that leaves you thinking "meh, it's alright I guess..."

Give it a try. Trust yourself. Take all the time you need. Be confident that you won't pick the wrong one.

Blessings and enjoy the journey.



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