How to clean Air Conditioner Filters

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How to clean Air Conditioner Filters

Cleaning your air conditioner filter is a very necessary step in extending its life. But it doesn't have to be rocket science! With this handy guide, your filter will soon be clean and in perfect shape for months ahead. Please keep in mind this is only for air conditioner filters that can actually be washed and not just disposed of and replaced.

First step: Remove it!

You need to first of all figure out how to remove the filter. It shouldn't be too difficult - just take a few minutes to examine it and remove it. Some units have filters that simply slide out of one side, and others have little clips that need to be adjusted for removal.

Second step: Vacuum built up grime!                                                                
There may be a lot of little dust bunnies that can easily be removed with a vacuum attachment. So before you go to wash it, vacuum extra build up off first.

Third step: Wash it!

You can either get a large basin or use your bathtub and fill it with warm soapy water, or you can take the filter outside and use a hose on it. Go ahead and run as much water as you can through it, waiting for the water to run clear again. Or, if you want to make sure to remove and bacteria that may be built up in it, you can do the basin/tub technique and add a little vinegar to the water. The longer you can let it soak in this, the better. 

Fourth step: Drain!

Allow the filter to drain out and dry before replacing.

Fifth step: Replace it!

Once your filter is absolutely, completely dry (try placing and pressing your hand into it, and if it is at all moist then it is not ready), go ahead and replace it in the air conditioner unit. 

So go ahead and enjoy your freshly cleaned air conditioner filter! This is such an important thing to do several times throughout the year,so as to help your conditioner out - maximising it's efficiency. Plus, keeping your air conditioner filter clean can actually do wonders for your health and breathing.

AirCon Filters

How to replace your AirCon Filter Material/Media

   It’s just the same as changing a fly screen, slowly remove the cord/rubber spline that is inserted around the outer parameters of the filter frame and discard the old filter material, remember to keep the old cord/spline. Place the new filter media over the filter frame.Now place the cord/spline directly above the filter and push directly down above the grove that it came from. Squeeze the cord and filter back into the grove all the way around the filter frame.
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