How to deal with My Hermes

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We all know that My Hermes is cheaper than the Post Office, however technical problems sometimes crop up.

For example, I entered my order on to the website, I paid for it but when I came to print the label it said "contact customer services" or words to that effect and I couldn't print my label out. My Pay Pal account showed they had taken the money though.

I went on the My Hermes online chat and I was assured the support team would contact me within 48 hours. Guess what?.....    They didn't.

I gave them 3 or 4 days but still hadn't heard back.

I went back on the on line chat and again got the same assurance that they would contact me within 24 hours.

We don't have time for all this do we?

Quickest solution:

Have  the order cancelled via the on line chat and receive refund. Then reorder as normal. Refund takes 3 to 5 days but you can reorder straight away.

Do not wait for the support team as it will waste days and potentially annoy your customers. 

Remember - do not rely on My Hermes support team. Just cancel and reorder.

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