How to do a tail whip on a Madd Gear or Razor Scooter

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How to do a tail whip your Madd Gear or Razor Scooter

The purpose of this guide is to briefly explain how to do a tail whip on your Razor Scooter.

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   Wear a helmet when attempting tricks.
  •    Knee pads and elbow pads are also recommended. You can never be too safe!
  •    Careful on your landings off ramps. If you land wrong, you can get severely injured.
  •    Also make sure you have a proper scooter for doing tricks on not a cruiser scooter.
  •    You might also want to wear shin pads if you have them. When you whip the scooter around it might
  •    swing into your shin and bruise it or possibly cut it.
  •    Be sure not to try something stupid, dangerous or impossible for your level, unless you know what
  •    you're doing and you're very skilled. Use your common sense!

Before you begin to try a tail whip you must first get good at doing the bunny hop. So to begin with we'll
explain how to do a bunny hop.

How to learn to bunny hop.

The bunny hop is the first trick you should learn on your scooter because most other tricks build off of the bunny hop.
So to start of the bunny hop you should make sure your feet are centred on your scooter deck, you knees are bent.

By doing this you are keeping your centre of gravity centred over the scooter. This helps maintain your balance
which means you'll have a better chance of landing any trick.

Kick your scooter along to build up a moderate speed, not too fast, just enough that you can keep your balance while in motion.
Too slow and balancing is harder, to fast and you have to have cat like reflexes in the unlikely event that something doesn't work
the way that it should.

Now, grip your handlebars tightly and jump into the air. Pull your scooter into the air with you. Bending your knees while you
pull the scooter into the air with you will give you maximum height.

Now while in the air keep you knees bent so they will act as shock absorbers for when you land.

To get better at performing the bunny hop without running out of puff its often worth while to practice on the grass.

This way you'll have a softer landing as well as less chance of injury when compared to practising on hard surfaces
like the road or your driveway.

Now lets try a tail whip.

Basically the tail whip begins with a bunny hop.

Grasp your scooter bars firmly, keeping your body positioned centred as per the bunny hop above, now jump into the air.
Again, as you jump, pull your scooter into the air with you.

Note: The more air you get the easier a tail whip is because you have more time to whip the deck, which is often the tricky part.

As you get air, use the grips to whip the deck around, 360 degrees, until it comes back around under your feet.
Now catch the deck with your feet, keep you knees bent to allow for touch down, now roll away.

I find that you have to keep the deck as parallel to the floor (ground) as possible.

Why? Because the deck is attached to the headset, and the handlebars are attached to the headset,
they are both square (in fixed position) to each other. So to efficiently move these two pats in direction to one
another you must maintain this angle. If you do this you will find the deck spins much more quickly than
if the deck is not parallel to the ground.

The main reason it is much harder to spin your deck is that you are now trying to spin the deck against gravity.
You'll also need even more height again to clear the tail whip from the ground if the deck is on any type of
inclined angle rather than being flat to the ground.

Whew, i hop that makes sense to you. To summarise this point: deck flat to ground while in the air = easier tail whips.
Deck on any angle to ground while in the air = more effort and skill required to land your tail whip.

So there you have it. Sounds easier when you read it. Like everything it always involves practice and persistence.

If others at the skate park can do it then you can too. The only reason their doing it and you may not be is they have
put in more time than you have untill they've got it!

There's no magic pill just practice.

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