How to draw ( Sketch ) A Christmas Gift

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How To Draw A Christmas Gift

STEP 1. Make a flat box shape like so. This will be the top of the gift box.
STEP 2. Next, using a ruler if you like, draw the sides, corners and bottom shape of the box. Take your time because sometimes drawing a three dimensional object can be tricky.
STEP 3. Once the box is all set you can draw the bow tie as well as the tail with the slit ends.
STEP 4. Add detailing to the bow like so, then move along to step five where you will be finishing things off.
STEP 5. All you have to do now is add the ribbons on each side of the box as well as on top. Erase the mistakes when you're finished.
STEP 6. Here is how your Christmas gift looks when you are done. Color it in using shades from your favorite pallet.

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