How to draw ( Sketch ) a Pretzel [ bmt_store ]

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How To Draw a Pretzel (Staedtler)

STEP 1. Begin by drawing one single line that comes together and twist tight in the center ( Staedtler Pigment)
STEP 2. Drawing a pretzel is almost like drawing a heart. Start at one side and draw the first crescent shape. Make sure there is a point at the tip inside the pretzel.( Staedtler Pen)
STEP 3. Continue with drawing the pretzel by starting the other side the same way you did the first.( Staedtler Technic Pen)
STEP 4. Erase the mistake, then add all the speckles for the salt. ( Staedtler Art Pens )
STEP 5. Here is your pretzel when you're done.Color it in and that's it.(  Staedtler Technic Pen )
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