How to draw ( Sketch ) an onion [ bmt_store ]

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How to draw an  onion!

PREPARE : Sketch Book  Staedtler Pigment

STEP1. Begin with a circle for the shape or the onion. staedtler pigment  - Pencil sketch book 

STEP2. Thicken the shape of the onion making it bold and a bit bigger the fist shape. Sketch in the detailing for the husk that covers the onion, and you will also begin sketching out the ruffled stem. Pigment liner  - Artist Comic

STEP3. Finish sketching out the husky stem like so, and be sure to make the curled pieces long enough to make o curl. Staedtler Pen  - Amazing Artist

STEP4. For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch out the root strings at the ends. Eraser your mistakes then you're done. Graphic Technic  - Manga Sketch Book

STEP5. In the end your onion looks well, like on onion. Color it in, and that's it. Comic Sketch  - Easel Black Ink


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