How to draw ( sketch ) a Spaceship For Kid

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How To Draw Spaceship For Kid

STEP 1. Make a simple circle like so. This will be the entire body of the Spaceship.
STEP 2. Thicken the lining you just made only half way down the circle. Draw a trim or band like line around the center of the spaceship.
STEP 3. The next thing to do is draw the saucer part of the spaceship like so, then add a nice trimmed flat edge.
STEP 4. The last thing to do is draw and color in the small oblong shapes on the inside of the saucer lid. Draw the pointed legs and antenna at the top of the spaceship. Erase the mistakes then you're done.
STEP 5. Here is your drawing when you are finished. The spaceship should be fun to color in. You can even fill the bulb like hull with an alien.
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