How to dress like a million dollars, buy on ebay.

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Have you got champagne taste on a beer budget?

Welcome to my world, I love Italian leather, good brand clothes and I cant afford either. Until I had a browse on Ebay.  With the spiraling cost of petrol and goods I have stopped shopping around for the elusive bargain that would take me all over Melbourne, now I just type in the description and away I go. Cue design vintage jacket    Have a favourite store label, or a designer, its easy just type in the name of the label, even shorten your search to include your size and entertain yourself on a quiet Sunday afternoon browsing in your own warm, uncrowded office. It helps when buying clothing that you relate to a brand because this way you know the sizing that suits you best and you can buy confidently. If it is brand you are unsure of please ask questions and if the sizes are not mentioned dont be afraid to ask, if you cant wear it then its not a bargain. In the event that you do purchase something that you really dont like, easy, just relist on Ebay.sell your item This is not difficult at all follow the prompts and be helpful and descriptive and then who knows, you might be able to make a couple of dollars towards your next purchase. To ensure you stay within your budget you should also put a mental price in your head what you think the item is worth to you. Ebay is a fun easy way to get a bargain.

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