How to earn at least $625 per week as a Aussie Retailer

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First of all,we think EBAY had been and will be providing us more satisfying experience for purchasing or selling. All the peopele can find out their postion of their own as a seller or a buyer.

We started our ebay business dated Dec 2000,at that time,ebay had China site,then they withdraw this site for some unknow reason.and we had started our factory 5years ago,and now i own a factory with more than 200 worker and a more than 20000 square meters.which enjoyed a high reputation from suppliers and customers worldwide.
Stubby holder is one of the biggest volume item we had exported to Australia.our factory buy row neoprene material from our suppiler 10 X 20"container per month and split them with different thickness according to different request
from 0.5mm to 7mm.then stamp the fabric(the surface you can see on the stubby holder and wetsuit) with our machine according customer's specimen or PMS.the next process is have the material cut into special shape based on special demond by cut machine.Printing workplace is just next to the cutting workplace,worker clean up the small sheet and pass to printing section for printing.after have them printed,we will select the defect sheet out then next section--sewing/stitching workplace.we had serious kinds of stitching machine(127 set) for different stitching method.--for example,the stubby holder need a side blind-stitching.

Why i now re-start my ebay store now? good question,--i and my wife love Australia,love the beach with sunshine,the grassland of Australia,so i wish one day i can live in Australia to enjoy all the above i want to improve my english from now and someone can recommend me some place for me where i should live then--many thanks in advance!

OK,pls check how to earn at least $625 per week in the following as i mentioned in the subtitle.

Step 1

Tell me if you have a PC?
if you use your PC?
if you have at leat 2.5hours per day to handle the order or surf on net?
IF you have enough aggressive to start or extend your income for more???
if you have a credit card or registered paypal account?
If all yes,pls continue.....


Step 2

As we know,the DIY/personalized stuffs always can find a good market everywhere.and stubby holder is a part of

Aussie's daily life,you may say none want to pay for a stubby holder in Australia,but we here double remind you this

is personalized one for you with the lowest price worldwide and the same quality with Australia manufacturer.i don't

think one can find a reason to refuse these stuff.Need i say more?
From the above quotation you can see there would be more than $0.5 per stubby holder in Australia market.100pcs will

be at least bring you $50,and i dare say you can at least get 250pcs this deal with bring you at least

$625 per week(if we count 5days per week,actually you can get more orders in the weekend as our experience)And we

think you can get more bigger orders for business start or a new club around you or all over australia,etc.if your

order value can exceed $3000 per month,we can refund you $80 in the next month's payment.So i can't imagine how much

you will get 3month later......

Colour choice:

We now only have these colours out of our colour list for your choice.Pls note the colour looks some more or less difference from different PC.all the items refer to the stuff themselvies.Thanks for your kindly understanding.


Product time & Postage and payment

Full colour printing product time:12days,1colour printing stubby holder product time:5-7days.

We only use EMS as our international post service.
The fees charged by the weight(one carton)
0.1g---500g  $45
501g--1000g  $15
1001--1500g  $15

Post time:usually 7-10business days from Our factory to you.

We only accept paypal as our international transactions.Big order pls ask for a quote.thanks for your help.


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