How to easily spot fake Nintendo DS games!

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How to easily spot FAKE DS games!

I'm sick of seeing so many fake DS games being sold on eBay.  I try and report every one I see but very rarely does a seller get banned for doing this.  THIS IS A MUST READ if you plan on buying any DS games in the future!

Games are generally fake if:

1. They do not work on DSi.  Straight and simple.  ALL DS GAMES WILL WORK ON DSi FROM ANY REGION!!!  They are NOT region locked.  I have a bunch of American and Japanese games which work great on my brand new Aussie Nintendo DSi. The new DSI comes with extra security features stopping a game from from working if it is not legit.   If a seller lists a DS game and says that it doesn't work with DSi , he is selling a fake game with photocopied covers and manual, which cost next to nothing to make. RIP OFF!!!

2. They are being sold with only the catridge and manual (no box).  I realise this is not always the case but when a seller is selling hundreds of DS games (even new releases/pre orders) and not one has a case, something is up.

3. The cases are the big clear ones but are using the American ESRB rating on the front (E for Everyone, T for Teen etc).  American games use smaller, thicker cases - PAL region (Australia, NZ, UK, most of Europe) games use the larger, thin, clear cases more often than the smaller thicker cases  If they are legit, they will have either the UK rating (16+, 18, etc) or the Australian rating (M, MA, G).  Not sure about the rest of PAL regions and what type of rating systems they use.

4. The covers and manuals look photocopied.  Case in point - Pokemon Platinum has the shiny cover but it comes to you in a washed out colour instead.  Refer to #2 - buyers are starting to pick up on this so some sellers are not even selling the cases anymore.

5. Location, location, location.  Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.  99% of DS games coming from these regions will be fake.  Avoid buying from these spots if you can.  Again, they are not all bad but most of them are, sad to say... Support legit local sellers instead!

You may ask: "Why would I care if the game works and it costs me less then buying in store/brand new"?  First of all, a lot of the fake games have known errors/glitches and are hardly ever 100% perfect, I bought a fake Zelda game by mistake once and it wouldn't save after a certain point - I didn't pick up on this until much later after leaving feedback; I have seen others that have various glitches like freezing/save issues/etc.  Secondly, you are not only supporting people who are stealing and making money through fraudulent methods but you are also supporting Piracy as a whole.  If your favourite game doesn't make enough legit sales, you won't be seeing any sequels!

Hopefully this helps.  Stop supporting the sellers who make easy cash off of fake games worth next to nothing!!!  Feel free to ask me if there is a game you are not sure about.  And remember to REPORT REPORT REPORT any games you see that are fake.  We may never be able to get rid of these sellers but we can certainly reduce their number.  Remember, if the price seems too good to be true... It probably is.

PS: Here's a list of sellers selling fake DS games.  Avoid buying DS games (or anything for that matter!) from these sellers.  I have and will continue to report them every chance I get (note that this is purely because they are selling fake DS games (most easily spotted through rule #1) I cannot speak for the other things they sell):


Plenty more to come.  I suspect this list is going to be HUGE.

Thanks for reading :)

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