How to enjoy a delicieux cappuccino at your office ?

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Now you can enjoy any type of coffee at your office, same as you were at home because.... now you can buy your coffee capsules, your milk frother and your coffee machine for less than $99.


It is important that you have established how to make the perfect espresso before moving on to other drinks such as cappuccino, as this is the real base of the whole drink of Italian coffee, oui Monsieur, vous devez apprendre a faire du Espresso avant tout !!!                            

If your espresso is bad it doesn’t matter how well you froth or pour your milk, it will never make a sexy good cappuccino!

The first thing is to: 

- buy the right good coffee, so Nesp.... or Expre... of Ald. must be a good choice.

- have a espresso coffee machine with 19 bars pressure.

- have mineral water. into get the good water to extract the essence of coffee....


The basic make-up of a cappuccino is roughly 1/3 coffee, 1/3 hot milk and 1/3 frothed/foamed milk. 

In Italy a cappuccino is served in a 6oz cup, using a single espresso as the base.  Here in the Australia, we tend to go for larger cup sizes than this, typically 10oz, so it is fundamental to multiply these Italian ratios up to suit the cup size you are making.  

Prepare the required ammount of espresso in the bottom the cup.

Prepare the milk as described with your Aldi or Nespresso milk frother.
Pour some hot milk into the middle of the espresso using a knife/spatula to hold back the foam, the milk will go straight through the crema.

When the cup is coming up to 2/3 full, remove the knife/spatula and shake foam into the top of the drink, this will float on the top of the drink and push the crema out to give a nice hazelnut coloured rim around the drink.  

The transition between stages should be one smooth operation. 

Chocalate or Cocoa powder can be used to decorate the top of the drink although in Italy a cappuccino is often served without any topping.  

In France or Australia, it is better to avoid other chocolate sprinkles as they tend to be sweet and hide the true flavour of the coffee but try to find a dark chocolate powder.... yummy.

Frothing milk correctly is the 2nd most important thing you need to know.  

When frothing (sometimes called foaming) or steaming milk for coffee, it is very important not to overheat it.  

As milk boils it releases sugars which totally change the flavour of the milk and ultimately the coffee you are making.  Also if your coffee is too hot the first thing your host will do is burn his/her tongue and that will stay with them for the rest of the day, not the best way to date your futur partner !

The milk should ideally be 65 °C, (above 70°C sugars start to be released),  You can use the frother from Aldi, the prefect choice to get the best frother milk.

Also, never try to re-froth milk without adding at least half as much again in fresh milk.   Even better, try and learn how much milk you need for a particular drink so that you dont get left with much in the frothing jug between making drinks.

It is also important to note the difference between 

- 1 frothing/foaming milk for drinks such as cappuccino where a good amount of foam is required as this forms a large part of the drink, and 

- 2 steaming milk for drinks such as latte which requires only a small amount of foam to decorate the top of the drink.

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