How to ensure the items you buy are sent from Australia

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Hello Fellow eBayers,

I am sure you have noticed or have been a victim of thinking your are buying goods from an Australian Seller, but in fact the goods are sent from overseas. This can cause many issues/problems such as:
  • Slow delivery times
  • Very hard to organise a warranty claim if your product is faulty
  • Hard to track the location of your item during delivery
  • Excessive Postage costs
The fact that international sellers can list on eBay Australia can make it misleading for buyers to think they are purchasing goods from Australia. In my opinion, if you want goods from a particular country, you should go to the appropriate website e.g if you want items from America for example. However, by default eBay don't filter the results so that only Australian listings are shown. There are a few ways to ensure that it is more than likely that your item is being sent from Australia. These measures include:
  • In the 'Meet the Seller' section, make sure that it says the member is 'Registered Since XX-XXX-XX in Australia.
  • The 'Item Location' field should Say 'South Australia, Australia' or 'Melbourne, Australia' for example. If it says 'Shipped Fast, Australia' it is quite likely that it is sent from overseas.
  • When reading the item description, the delivery section of this should say that the item will be delivered within 5 days of payment being received. If it is anymore it is likely that it is sent from Overseas. Most Australia Post services from one point to another will take no more than 5 days.
  • Another tip to avoid overseas sellers is by Customising the display of the items that you view. To do this, in any category click the 'Customise Display' button which is found on the Light Grey Toolbar just above where the listings begin. In the 'Available Columns' , add 'Country/Region' and then apply the changes. By doing this, everytime you now do a search on eBay, you will see which country the item is actually coming from, if it says 'Australia' it is likely to come from Australia, if it has another country it is likely that the goods come from this location.
By following the above tips, this should ensure that your eBay purchases are made from an Australian Seller.

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