How to find a geat deal for very little money!

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Hi I have been a very happy eBay purchases for a few months now, I have made purchases from a video camera to all sorts of jewelry. I found the best way to get a great deal was to wait until the biding has ended and then bid on what I thought was a great deal. So far to date I have been very lucky and got some great Garnet rings, beautiful braclets, gorgeous pendants, I even got my fiancee his wedding ring from eBay which I saved a heap of money this way.

I have even been able to buy my step daughter all of her Christmas and Birthday presents on eBay, I got rings, necklaces and perfume and guess what it is all the real stuff and no imitation jewelry either.

I would suggest that when you are bidding on jewelry to really look at what you are bidding on, always look for the country that it will be sent from and make sure that it is not electroplated, gold fill, or gold plated. The real gold jewelry will state that it is hallmarked with the correct number or whatever the karat of the gold is, just make sure that you read the advertisment fully before you bid. Good Luck andd I hope you have as much success as Ihave had during my time with eBay, it really is a great way to shop and sell. Yes I have even sold stuff on eBay too, fantastic service, tell everyone about the great deals you can get and let them have a go, I just love shopping on eBay.  We have even purchased parts for a car that we are doing up at the moment, I tell you everything you could ever want is right here, you just have to look and find what you are seeking.

Thanks heaps Kris

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