How to find any information on the internet

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Are you looking for the right information an can never find it or get drowned in so much information you are lost? This is very common :-)

To search for anything you can go to several websites. For example For any general information go to the above website. If you are looking for a specific name then put the word in "" like "Husquarna" Lets say you are looking for soft drinks but don't want Coca Cola in the reasults simply in the search box do the following -coca cola The minus sign will elimate the results with the word coca cola.

There are specific search engines for different things. For example there are book search engines, cosmetics, physics, chemistry and many other subjects...If you are looking for a specific engine simply enter the subjet and the words seatrch engine and I am certain you will get a result.

Sometimes you need to play with words when looking through search engines and it will take a few goes before you get the item you are looking for. For example I was searching for how the countries in Europe are divided into regions. Eventually I found what I was looking for by just adjusting one word.

Do not add words such as "a, and, the" as these are useless and will simply make your life more difficult.

Be specific about what you want. If you want to research a watych you received as a gift. Then don't just type the word "watch", be specific, the more information the better the results. For example I have a Gucci bracelet watch gold tone with numerals on the back. So I would type in Gucci gold bracelet watch and add the appropriate serial number. This will give me the results I require.

If you require news on lets say a city in Russia called Sochi, you would type in Russia Sochi local news. Or type in Soci local news. Again play with words and the results are yours!

Rememeber cities can be spelt differently in various languages so can names of people. If you can only read English then I advise you that you click on a button that will return results only in English. These buttons and links vary from search engines to another. Normally they are at the top.

Advance searches are also useful if you are looking for something very specific like a person. These will narrow down searches however from experience they narrow it a bit too far.

Lastly don't be afraid to experiment as this is the only way you will learn. Good luck!

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