How to find the best downlight kit ?

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Everybody wants to buy the cheap downlight, so we come to find it on eBay.
Yes ,cheap price is very important for us, but do you think safety is also very important ? We need the golden ratio of high performance and cheap product, the balance of that is hard for most customers, they are not the LED expert, how can they know they made the correct choice?
Don't worry, please follow us, after reading the instructions, you will be a primary expert of buying the downlight kit.
The first thing is safety, so find some items you like, compare the safety standard, such as EMC, CE SAA  RoHS, and Australian Standard. How do you know if the safety standard is real? the follow things are very important.
One tricky thing is the SAA certificate. The big logos are just owned by a company called SAA... All LED lights must complete Australian standards called safety standard As60598 and AS61347. The EMC are also very important. If any light do not pass EMC, then your TV will most likely not be working well.
When selecting a light,you shoul consider the following tips:
1) Please compare the downlight design and,construction. The best design separates the LED part from electricity part, the driver or transformer and the LED chips cannot be in the same case. The driver generates a lot of heat, even more than LED does. Put them together will shorten the life of light due to the high amount of heat.
2) Good metal body and the metal are in contact with air.
Look at Thermal Conductivity:
Aluminum is 205 W(m K), Aluminum Alloy are 121W/(m K), Plastic are around 0.1-0.6W/(m K), Thermal plastic are not more than 20W/(m K).
If the light is covered by plastic or made by plastic you have need to think about where the heat goes, and you can't feel heat radiating from the light. For LED lights, when it's too hot inside, it is still working then it will go dim. Some lights only have 30% of brightness compared the original after a year.
3) Photobiological safety. Did the LED lights passed AS/NZS62471?
4) Is the light bright? Don't think the light is very bright or marked as 1000LM. Try reading your finger print under the lights. If you can see it clearly then that is bright.
5) Please compare the packing, the quality products have complete packing, with instruction, you sould find how to install the downlight easily.
Enjoy your Quality and Cheap pricing LED downlght kit !

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