How to find the right Category for your eBay product?

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How to find the right Category for your eBay product?

Many sellers believe that finding the right category for their eBay product may not be that essential as most buyers do not search in specific categories. While that may be true in many cases, there could still be lots of potential buyers who are searching according to category. And if your item is not listed in those oft-searched for categories, then it may never be found by many buyers. Thus, finding the right product category for your listing is always a beneficial idea.

There is another reason why you have to select the right product category. eBay policy states that if you have listed under a wrong category, your listing may be removed and your account may also be suspended if this happens regularly. Yes, eBay is likely to take these strict actions in very rare circumstances, but even so, why list your item in an inappropriate category?

In order to know which category to select, you can conduct a search on eBay’s category selection page. Once you enter your product details and related keywords, eBay will suggest what categories you can list your items under. You can also search which categories similar products are selling under and then choose your product category accordingly. Do remember to specify as many relevant subcategories as you can so that the chances of your listing being found by buyers go up significantly. If you are willing to pay some additional fees, then eBay allows you to pick more than one category that is suitable for your product on offer.

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