How to find the right psychic for your needs

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It is true that clients want to be able to determine who the best psychic is for them. It is important that their style and service suit you. Due to inaccurate information released in the past, people have unrealistic expectations of what psychics can provide and find it difficult to determine whether a service is suited to their needs. By using this guide, you can have a reasonable idea of how to find a suitable service with greater success. This will save you time, money and upset.

When people are well informed as to what they can expect and how to gauge a suitable reader, providers can honestly state their information without fear of being incorrectly judged by clients.  This will ensure that the clients they are receiving are appropriate to the service they provide, lowering the pressure to perform services that their talent does not accommodate. It will also mean that psychics can make a reasonable living, competing evenly with others of a similar level rather than with master psychics who provide a different level of service to a different clientele.

It’s not enough to just claim to be psychic – everybody is psychic. The combination and range of psychic abilities that can be found in people is vast. Every psychic has strengths and weaknesses in different areas of ability and should specialise only in the areas that they are strongest in. Very few are strong in all areas; this is natural, but it should not affect the results because you can match up the talents with the service you are after. It’s important for people working in the industry to be aware of this and to work with their natural talents. They should also be fair and ensure that they possess a strong enough talent or suitable experience to provide psychic services and not just enter into the field simply because they have ‘some’ talent. It is not unreasonable to expect at least 98% accuracy.


A doctor trains for many years to perfect his skills and to choose an area to specialise in. This is usually the case for any industry and it is not different for the psychic industry.  While a natural talent can be strong, there are many more elements to these services than simply possessing an ability. It takes time to learn how to get the most out of your talent. Those with a good strong ability, but not years of experience can still deliver a good reading, but it is worth considering who is appropriate for the questions that you need answered. Should you wish a general reading of the future just to gauge what to expect and to get an idea generally of what your future may hold, you could receive a very good reading from someone who has worked with their talent for a lesser period of time.

Should you have a question that is of a very sensitive or intricate nature, it may take someone with more experience.  This is because they will have a more intimate knowledge of how their ability works and how to draw the most information out of the energy so they can get the extra details that will be required.

It would not be appropriate to go to an optometrist for a problem with your feet. It’s the same with psychic services. If you need to know about the future, you require a clairvoyant or seer. If you need to connect with someone who has crossed over, a spirit or a spirit guide, you require a medium who specialises in the area you require. If you need to know how someone around you is feeling, what their personality is like, what they are thinking, what their intentions are or how you can expect them to react, you require a reader.

What information to look for

When selecting a service provider, it helps to know what their experience is, some evidence of their success (via feedback) and what areas they specialise in. If the psychic is satisfied that their ability and the service they perform is of good quality and value, then they will not hesitate to share information that will help you to determine whether they are the correct person for the service. They should be happy to tell you how long they have been working professionally, what their specialities are and what will be needed by you to get the most out of their service. They should also be able to tell you what sort of details you can expect from them and the amount of information they will supply. Sometimes a brief outline and answer is all that you require so a psychic that answers in this manner would be most suitable. At other times, in depth information will be required so a different person may be most suitable.

Receiving a complete service

A reading by email is different to a reading in person because you cannot sit with the psychic and fire away all the questions you would like to ask so you should feel comfortable being able to address any areas of concern in the reading with the service provider and clarify aspects of the reading if needed or have questions re-addressed if you feel they may be inaccurate. Readings by email are more difficult to perform than readings in person or over the telephone and the reader may require more information than they would need in person as they are not in your immediate energy field. This service can take more time and energy to provide.

It is not unreasonable to expect to have your ‘in-person’ reading recorded in some manner whether that be by vocal means or transcribed later. This helps eliminate the possibility of forgetting what came through and you will often find later on that you will become aware of information that you originally did not notice.  It also allows you to double check the interpretation which is important because as a client, the information can be interpreted differently by you to how it was meant by the psychic.

You should at all times feel respected and comfortable with your service provider. It is acceptable practice to contact him/her first in order to get to know their personality and determine whether this is someone you would feel comfortable sharing your details with. It is impolite to expect them to supply you with a free ‘proof’ reading before purchasing. This is one of the few industries in the world that operates almost entirely on customer feedback and referral. You should be able to gauge well enough by their feedback, information and their manner whether this is someone you wish to purchase a service from. Feel comfortable asking them questions about their service.

Save yourself from disappointment by not expecting them to know all about your life - they don’t. Purchase your service with an open mind, ready to embrace the information even if it is not what you expected. This can often reveal hidden gems that at first can seem confronting or unwanted, but can in time, become a great asset.  Above all, trust your instincts.

This guide can help you to determine what sort of service you require and who can provide it. With this information, you should be able to ask the appropriate questions and make a reasonably informed decision about who is best to provide for your needs.

This will help to save you money and heartache by lessening the need to go to a range of psychics for information. Knowing that the service provider is a good quality one who is reliable means that you can have faith in their answers and don’t need to ‘hunt around’ for verification.

© Information provided by The PSI Association (Professional Standards for Intuitives) 2007
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