How to find thousands of misspelled items & save money!

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Finding spelling errors on ebay can be a great way to find great bargains.  It is an amazing fact that thousands of auction advertisements are placed each day that contain spelling errors!

If you know how to find these items with the errors, you are more likely to find auctions which have little or no bids, helping you get those bargains you are looking for.

This guide explains how to find those thousands of items that other people can't!

Imagine a $4,000.00 diamond engagement ring that is up for auction, but the seller has misspelt the word "diamond" in the item description.  You'll never find it, and neither will anyone else!  Not any more with this little known technique...

By using this process, you can find it, but it will still go unnoticed by thousands of other buyers.

1.  In the box where the description is typed of what you are searching for, start with typing and open bracket " ( ".

Note that you can still select a category for the search when you are using this technique.

2.  Now comes the tricky, but fun part.  Brainstorm the different ways that your item could be misspelt, and separate every spelling version by a comma " , ".  When you are done, close the bracket " ) ".

An example of a search to find products related to diamonds could be; (you can include as many or as few variations as you like...)

(idamond, daimond, dimaond, diaomnd, diamnod, ddiamond, iamond, diamons, dimon, diamod, siamond, damond, diamind, diamon, fiamond, doamond)

Here is an example of the results of a real time search using the above criteria for misspelt diamond related items.

In your search, you can include:

  1. Common wrong keystroke entries (keys that are located next to one another on the keyboard)
  2. Single transposed entries (letters in the worng order)
  3. Missed characters (letters missing from the keyword)
  4. Double characters (letters entered twice in error)

This technique can be used to search for those items that you want to find at an insanely cheap price, or even if you want to delve into the exciting world of reselling.  Buy cheap, sell big!!

Happy ebaying!



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