How to get a bargain when sellers make mistakes!

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Sellers new & experienced often make mistakes which can be a huge advantage to buyers.

As a buyer you can get excellent bargains  if you find  a listing  with  an error. Here are a few of the common mistakes sellers make:

1. Misspelling words and brand names in the title. If you are looking for an item in a particular brand, try spelling it a few different ways in the search engine. Misspelled titles get very little traffic. Many times I have found 'Abercombie and Finch' 'Fred Bear' and other such mistakes.

2. Listing the same items at the same time, thereby dividing the potential market by the number of times the same item appears. If you see a seller has seperate listings of the same item or one listing but multiple quantities of an auctioned item, your competition is devided by this amount and you should get a good bargain.

3. Listings appearing in wrong caregories also get reduced traffic.

4. Listings with poor titles and lack of information: A title such as 'This is so nice WOW please LOOK!!!' wouldn't show up on many searches, so its worth a look!

5. Listings without Gallery photos- lots of buyers can't be bothered or don't have time to check these out, so these could also contain bargains.

6. A seller that has a bad reputation or is new can be risky, but if others think the same you will also have minimal competition. Perhaps communicate with the seller prior to bidding and pay a little extra for registered post or insurance.

7. Poor photos and poor ads- A very common mistake by sellers, many buyers will not pay attention to these listings, so if you see such ads- communicate with the seller prior to bidding and ask lots of questions. For example "Is it  exactly the same colour in real life?  Are  there  any faults whatsoever? What are the measurements?" and so on..

These are just a few of many things to look out for, I wish you good luck in getting lots of great bargains!

taliandben @ My Messy Room
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