How to get good things without selling yourself short

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*   PART ONE *

What is it about?

Well everyone likes a bargain. Some people are good at getting them while others to be honest..just suck at getting them.

So what makes a person so good at getting things whether it be on an online site like ebay or using these skills in real life? - Experience.

It doesn't matter if you're young or if you're old. Everyone can be great at getting in there and getting good experience with buying and selling stuff. The first  few tries might be really daunting but you can do it!

Here's some good tips on how to be a good bargainer:

If you don't want an item for that much ~ don't buy it for that price:

Simple really.

We will take an example of me going to a store when I was 10 years old and seeing a stuffed toy I wanted. Looking back on it - the following was one of the most stupid things I have ever done when it comes to buying stuff.

I wanted the item for $4 yet I ended up paying $10 and as really wasn't a smart buy. Someone near by sold that item for $3 and in better quality....not only was I feeling like the world's biggest idiot...I also had no more money for ice cream :(

A lot of sellers think they can intimidate you with some story or some gimmick - rare, being the last one, exclusive - to be most cases you can always find another item. You need to have some really active interpersonal skills and know how to read a buyer. They're desperate to sell that item to you...and you can do almost anything to get that price down.

A good thing with ebay is it has a button thing where you can offer a price - now if that seller wants to really get rid of the item they will usually accept the offer.

Also feel free to email/message the owner asking if they can accept your price. It won't work in all cases but it is worth a try.

In general most people are nice - they want that item gone and a little negotiation can't help. I recommend if you do go into some kind of bidding frenzy please have a good idea on how much that item can be.....sometimes sellers try to rip you off there too.

So the lesson

Knowledge + Awareness +  Common Sense = A Buy.


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